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Herald 14B Boiler Stove: A Classic for the Eco-Conscious Era

The Herald 14B boiler stove is a timeless classic, reborn for the eco-conscious era today.

The Herald 14B boiler stove

Herald 14B Boiler Stove from Hunter Stoves

The Herald 14B boiler stove from Hunter Stoves is the latest advancement in eco-friendly home heating, designed for those who appreciate the traditional feel of a double-door wood-burning stove but with all the sustainable credentials that come with an eco-approved boiler stove. This model stands out by surpassing the stringent Eco Design 2022 standards, making it a clean, efficient and low-emission stove, a far cry from the old boiler stoves many of us are familiar with.

What sets the Herald 14B boiler stove apart?

The Herald 14B is the only double door boiler stove on the market and one of only a handful of Eco Design 2022 Approved models available in the UK. What sets the Herald 14B apart is not just its low emissions and efficiency but also its heritage.

This much-loved model has evolved, delivering the same level of reliability Hunter Stoves customers have grown to expect, with an added layer of eco-technology found in all their stoves. It strikes a balance between being a functional appliance that can heat the water and the living space, alongside being a centrepiece that adds character to a room.

Energy efficiency

With an energy efficiency class of A and a wood efficiency of 77%, the Herald 14B is built to provide a substantial heat output range of 5kW to 15kW. This means it’s versatile enough to cater to different room sizes and heating needs. The efficiency is further enhanced by Triple-burn technology, which ensures more fuel is ignited, increasing the heat output and making the fuel more cost-effective.

Additional features

The Herald 14B Boiler Stove from Hunter Stoves

The ability to keep its glass clean through an innovative Air-wash system ensures that the stove remains a focal point in any setting, without the frequent maintenance that boiler stoves traditionally demand.

For convenience, the stove includes an inbuilt de-ashing grate and ash-pan, simplifying the ash-clearing process and making it less of a chore. This feature, along with its DEFRA smoke area control exemption, means it’s suitable for use in various urban and rural settings. 

The balance of aesthetic and practicality

The Herald 14B’s appeal lies in its combination of traditional aesthetics with modern practicality. It offers a sustainable alternative for heating that doesn’t sacrifice the comfort or the cosy atmosphere that comes with a wood burning stove.

Its design and technology make it a smart choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint while keeping their home warm and inviting. Whether it’s to increase a home’s energy independence or simply as a more sustainable way to stay warm, the Herald 14B provides a reliable, eco-friendly solution.

More information

For more information on the Herald 14B Boiler Stove head over to Hunter Stoves website.

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