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Enjoy the great outdoors with the multipurpose BBQ grill and firepit

We’re all looking forward to the possibility of a sociable summer this year and whether it’s with close family or much-missed friends and loved ones, there’s now the excitement of a BBQ summer within reach. For those planning a weekend reunion, a simple catch up with local friends or even a staycation at home, an outdoor BBQ/firepit is the perfect focal point for the garden, patio or terrace, with ample room for a family feast, followed by a cosy fire, making sure that everyone remains warm and toasty long after the sun goes down. 

The cast iron Firepit by Hergom is the ultimate summer accessory and it’s so much more than a simple BBQ, it works as a garden heater, as well as a generous grill area for barbecuing too. Its enamelled cast iron ring allows you to cook on the grill or griddle while it radiates a pleasant warmth, ideal for family get-togethers or weekend drinks and a bite to eat with friends. The key to its intense heat is the solid cast iron construction with a 960mm diameter body and a robust thickness, which is finished with a heat resistant paint. The large central opening makes it easy to ignite the fire and keep it going, even while cooking. Designed to turn any outdoor event into a memorable experience, the Firepit by Hergom is durable and resilient in all weathers. Its outer ring is made up of four segments, where two cast iron griddles and two grills can be combined for the ultimate outdoor cooking event. The ring swiftly reaches the optimum temperature for searing and sizzling everything from bangers and burgers to vegetables, steaks and seafood, and it remains at temperature for some time thanks to the thermal qualities of cast iron.

“What’s great about the Firepit is that you can cook directly on the griddle and grill, as it’s finished in a protective, durable food-grade enamel coating, which provides a safe, hygienic cooking surface,” says Chris Baines, managing director of Eurostove. “Cast iron offers outstanding heat retention so it’s perfect for browning meat and sealing in goodness. What’s more, although the fire doesn’t directly touch the food, the aroma of the wood fuel adds a delicate flavour to your meal.”

With this in mind, Hergom advises that the wood logs used with its Firepit should be well-dried and fungus-free. Hard wood will cook thicker pieces of meat, as the embers last longer and for a smoky nuance, try oak, beech or walnut. For something fruity, use wood from almond, apple or cherry and for added taste, add some aromatic herbs to your cooking.

The new Firepit by Hergom is available in two versions – with a Tall Base or Low Base. The Tall Base design offers the perfect height for alfresco cooking and comes with a steel base for log storage. It also has handy stainless steel side bars for hanging tongs and spatulas. The Low Base version also comes with a cast iron cooking ring finished in food-grade enamel and is perfect for relaxing with a cool drink while chatting with family and friends and toasting a marshmallow or three.

After every use, make sure you wait for the Firepit to cool completely then remove the ashes, which can be composted, as well as any food scraps with a wood or synthetic spatula to avoid scratching its surface. Clean the griddles and grills with a piece of cloth dipped in olive oil then protect the Firepit by leaving it covered, even if it’s stored in a garage or shed.

The Hergom Firepit with a low base is priced from £1,545 whilst the high base is from £1,800.

As part of the Eurostove family, Hergom is one of Europe’s largest and most established manufacturers of cast iron stoves and cookers. Made in its own state-of-the-art foundry in Santander, northern Spain, they use only the finest materials to produce durable, efficient, thermally effective heating solutions.

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